Pioneering the Future of Restaurant Queues: Yelp's NoWait Kiosks

At the helm of Yelp's NoWait Kiosks, I leveraged my product management skills to provide a breakthrough solution for bustling eateries like Marufuku Ramen and Tony's Pizza Napoletana. These innovative kiosks let diners join waitlists from the comfort of their homes, promoting transparency and accurate wait time projections while freeing hosts to prioritize hospitality. This revolutionary idea has not only ramped up customer satisfaction but also surged restaurant revenues by unlocking potential seating capacities. (EATER SF)


Helping SMBs save money on Instagram Web

I'm currently building Instagram Web for businesses and creators.

Millions of SMBs use Boost advertising tools on Instagram to find new customers, promote their businesses. Apple recently introduced changes that will cost businesses an additional 30% fee to run Boost Ads. 

We are committed to offering businesses flexible and convenient options to help them navigate this change and maximize the results of their ad spend. As part of our efforts to do this, we have invested in alternative ways to boost posts.

Specifically, advertisers can access and on both desktop computers or a mobile web browser to boost their content. When doing this, they will have all the same features as boosting posts from the iOS apps, except now they will avoid the Apple service charge.

Read more on the official Meta blog post here

New ways for businesses to Boost on on desktop and mobile browsers and avoid paying 30% apple service fee

Ushering a New Era in E-commerce: Instagram's 'Drops' Feature

My product management journey at Instagram led scale & development of a remarkable feature, "Drops," which became instrumental in shaping the e-commerce landscape. This centralized hub for exclusive, limited-time product releases enables users to discover, browse, and shop the latest trends while receiving timely reminders. My role in integrating in-app purchases via Checkout on Instagram simplified the shopping journey, offering an unmatched experience for shoppers and brands alike (TECHCRUNCH)

Reinventing Retail: Facebook's Live Shopping Fridays

As a pioneering product manager on Facebook's "Live Shopping Fridays," I helped redefine online retail. By partnering with premier brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Bobbi Brown, and Sephora, we've turned shopping into an interactive and personalized experience with live streams featuring the latest in beauty, skincare, and fashion. This live shopping platform has not only sparked a transformation in e-commerce but also inspired a wave of innovation across the industry. (TECHCRUNCH)

Simplifying Content Management: Instagram's Content Scheduling

The key to engaging communities on Instagram lies in creating impactful content. However, generating content on the spot can be daunting. Responding to the needs of businesses and creators, I worked on an in-house feature enabling them to strategize, plan, and schedule content directly on Instagram. This saves the hassle of using third-party apps and offers a more streamlined and seamless approach to content creation. Read more on TECHCRUNCH