4 Signs It’s Time For Solopreneurs To Create The Ideal Team

Soundarya Chandar, a seasoned professional with 10+ years of experience leading and growing teams in tech companies, recommends the following tips for effective delegation —- "Delegation, a cornerstone of successful teamwork, begins by identifying tasks fit for outsourcing. First, establish task tiers—those needing your oversight and those that don't. Second, effectively communicate expectations on tasks that need your approval and how you'd like to receive updates on completed tasks. Keep an open communications channel for managing emergencies or making quick decisions together. Finally, empower your team by sharing your values, fostering a culture of informed autonomy."

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Soundarya Chandar: Navigating the Product Lifecycle with Precision and Collaboration

In a field constantly shaped by swift technological changes, I've had the privilege of contributing to collaborative innovation in product management for over a decade. With an educational foundation from respected institutions and a dedication to team synergy, I've aimed to offer insights into product design and evolution. 

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Soundarya Chandar: Mastering the Art of Adaptation in the Tech Universe

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, I've had the opportunity to learn and grow through roles at eBay, Yelp, and now Meta Inc. What I've found is that adaptability isn't just a skill, it's a necessity. From working on Yelp's Waitlist Kiosk to contributing to Live Shopping programs at Facebook, I've tried to make adaptability a cornerstone of my approach to innovation.

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Unlocking Potential and Elevating Performance in Tech

In my recent article for Influencer Daily, I explore the essence of people-centric leadership in the tech industry. I discuss how empowering teams and nurturing individual potential are at the core of successful projects and innovations. I also delve into my active role in mentoring, particularly focusing on women in tech, and share my vision for a tech landscape driven by individual brilliance. 

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How Women Are Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling Of Product Management

In my article for University Herald, I discuss How product management is a critical nexus point between technology, business, and user experience. Yet, for women, the path to entering and thriving in this field often comes with additional hurdles—especially in STEM industries. Implicit bias and underrepresentation in leadership are just a few of the multifaceted barriers women face. But despite these challenges, progress is possible.

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